Terabase Energy launches automated solar panel installation setup

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Terafab’s “climate-controlled” environment

digital automation company terabase energy has officially launched Terafab, a “digital field factory” for solar panel installations in large-scale projects.

The Terafab system integrates a digital twin of the project site, an advanced supply chain and inventory management system, an onsite wireless digital command center, an automated assembly line deployed on site, and a dedicated installation rover into one operation. Terabase claims that this installation optimization could make him twice as productive in installations as compared to traditional methods.

Fewer workers are required to assemble sections of solar panels in a climate-controlled environment. A robotic arm lifts the panel and a rover places it on the tracking system.

The Terafab system is a game changer, blending cutting-edge construction automation with sophisticated digital systems to deliver a comprehensive solution that transforms the way solar power plants are built,” said Terabase Energy CEO and CEO. co-founder Matt Campbell said. “We built 10 MW of his 400 MW site in Texas last year and successfully field tested Terafab. ​​Today’s launch marks the next step towards rapid commercial scale-up. .”

Terabase Energy has relationships with Intersect Power, Signal Energy, Nextracker, First Solar, Companies have provided positive feedback About the Terafab system.

The Terafab system is expected to be commercially deployed in several projects from Q3 2023.

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