Silicon Ranch starts construction on two solar projects in TVA

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silicon ranch Groundbreaking Two Solar Projects for Local Utility in Clarksville, Tennessee CDE light band Within the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The two projects will total 6.75MWAlternating current.

The 2-MW Solar Band Red Array and the 4.75-MW Solar Band Orange Array are expected to be completed by December 2023.

“CDE Lightband prides itself on reliability and connectivity. It will help improve strength while also helping Clarksville attract more businesses to the area,” said Brian Taylor, CDE Lightband General Manager.

TVA and CDE Lightband partnered with the city to help it achieve ambitious infrastructure goals to meet the needs of its growing population. This includes installing fiber cables and opening access to renewable energy, with the goal of attracting more businesses to the Clarksville area.

“CDE Lightband is one of the most advanced regional power companies in the country, especially considering its role as a driving force for regional economic development. Thanks to Taylor and his team, “we are meeting the needs of our rapidly growing community,” said Matt Kisber, co-founder and chairman of Silicon Ranch. “We have partnered with CDE Lightband to serve as the long-term owner and operator of these solar projects that provide reliable, cost-effective energy, set by CDE Lightband’s leadership, and our customers. We are proud to help meet the high standards that are expected of us.”

Notably, Clarksville is home to the Fort Campbell Military Base. Silicon Ranch works with programs like Hiring Our Heroes and Solar Ready Vets to help veterans from all sectors transition to their next mission in civilian life. Silicon Ranch nearly doubles the national average in hiring veterans, and its team includes veterans previously based at Fort Campbell.

“What we do know is that veterans have been looking at the problems. They have had to figure out how to solve them,” said Nick de Vries, chief technology officer at Silicon Ranch. say. “As an Army veteran myself, this is something I have known for a long time. We will continue to expand our ties with them.”

Active duty and veteran members joined the CDE Light Band, Silicon Ranch and TVA for this landmark effort.

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