Silicon Ranch flips switch on 3.25-MW Tennessee solar project

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Silicon Ranch Corporation and the Bolivar Energy Authority (BEA) have switched on a new 3.25 MW.Alternating current Bolivar Solar Farm and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in Hardeman County, Tennessee. The solar facility will provide enough low-cost solar energy to power more than 500 homes and help keep bills low for BEA’s more than 11,000 customers.

Despite global supply chain constraints and other industry challenges, Silicon Ranch completed the project on time and on schedule, extending the company’s legacy of project success.

In 2020, TVA began offering local power companies (LPCs) the flexibility to meet a portion of their electricity demand with local generation sources through its visionary Generation Flexibility Program. Under these new terms, BEA has selected Silicon Ranch as its solar project partner as he is one of the first of his LPCs to execute a transaction with TVA. This is to keep BEA’s customer fees as low as possible, and to take full advantage of the benefits associated with such a project here. Located in Hardeman County.

“BEA is excited to be Tennessee’s fifth-largest county utility utility, providing low-cost, reliable energy solutions to our community from a trusted local partner.” By providing our communities with the opportunity to partner with trusted renewable energy providers like Silicon Ranch to source local energy solutions, we and LPCs across the Valley are doing just that through its Generation Flexibility Program. We look forward to continuing our long-term relationship with Silicon Ranch as the company will own and operate the Bolivar Solar Farm for the life of the project.”

“When TVA established the Flexibility Program, we hoped the new terms would foster these kinds of partnerships across the Valley. We are committed to moving this program forward to achieve our goals,” said Doug Perry, senior vice president of commercial energy solutions at TVA. “It is exciting to see the completion of this solar facility and to see the program in action across the Valley.”

On behalf of BEA and TVA, Silicon Ranch will finance construction and own, operate and maintain the solar facility for its lifetime. This is the disciplined approach the company takes on every project it develops.

“This solar project with the Bolivar Energy Authority will not only procure more cost-effective and reliable renewable energy through TVA’s renowned Generation Flexibility Program, but will also benefit communities across the Valley. It demonstrates the power of partnerships as an engine of economic development in the United States,” said Matt Kisber. , co-founder and chairman of Silicon Ranch. “Silicon Ranch takes great pride in having local Tennessee roots and as a trusted local neighbor and partner, Bolivar he looks forward to continuing to work with the community for years to come. .”

The Bolivar Solar Farm was supported through the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) initiative. REAP provides guaranteed loans and grants to support agricultural producers and local small businesses with renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements. Working in partnership with BEA and the USDA has allowed Silicon Ranch to build on our tradition of choosing the right path over the easier path to get the job done, helping BEA’s customers to make the most of their projects.

“The USDA is thrilled to celebrate today with the Bolivar Solar Farm Flip the Switch ceremony. This is a major investment for the community, city and people of Bolivar Tennessee and Hardeman County,” said the USDA Tennessee Director. said Arlisa Armstrong, “We are committed to partnering with local small businesses to save energy costs, improve energy efficiency and meet the challenges of climate change. provides the necessary relief you need in your daily life.”

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