Peninsula Clean Energy signs deal for 45 MW of energy storage with Terra-Gen

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Peninsula Clean Energy has reached a 15-year contract to exclusively accept 45 MW of storage batteries, furthering the Agency towards its goal of supplying renewable energy day and night. It will also help Peninsula Clean Energy meet its regulatory obligations to provide new capacity to the highly reliable power grid.

Peninsula Clean Energy will receive all capacity attributes from a four-hour lithium-ion battery storage project being developed by Terra-Gen near Barstow, San Bernardino County. The facility is part of a major redevelopment of the existing SEGS VIII solar thermal project and is scheduled to come online in June 2024. The storage facility will utilize existing interconnection facilities and will be built using union labor.

“The SEGS VIII project has a long history of supporting California’s journey towards clean and reliable power generation. We will expand,” said Terra-Gen CEO Jim Pagano. “We are pleased to continue our relationship with Peninsula Clean Energy and contribute to their goal of providing renewable energy to their customers 24/7.”

This is the second standalone battery project contract signed by Peninsula Clean Energy this year. The agency recently approved a contract to receive a four-hour, 50MW lithium-ion battery storage facility from Riverside County’s Nova III facility beginning in August 2024.

The storage project will help Peninsula Clean Energy meet the agency’s goal of supplying renewable energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by shifting abundant solar energy to night and nighttime hours. provide two short-term tools for

Jan Pepper, CEO of Peninsula Clean Energy, said: “Our priority is to ensure the reliability of our customers while ensuring sufficient, low-cost, and clean sources of electricity.” rice field. “Battery storage is a key component of our strategy, allowing us to lead among all utilities in demonstrating that hourly renewable energy can be delivered in a cost-effective manner.”

Peninsula Clean Energy has aggressively pursued additional renewable and storage resources while maintaining a 5% discount compared to what customers in San Mateo County and City of Los Banos pay for generation services through PG&E. rice field.

This includes using newly expanded federal renewable energy incentives in signing groundbreaking agreements with nine cities and San Mateo County to install solar and future battery storage in public buildings. including being one of the nation’s first public institutions to

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