McDonald’s will buy entire power output of Louisiana solar farm

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McDonald’s will purchase all of the electricity from 180 MW.DC A solar power project in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. light source bp.

Elaine Strunk, McDonald’s Senior Director of Global Sustainability, said: “Prairie Rondo Solar contributes to our climate change aspirations while adding a significant amount of new renewable energy to the grid.”

Lightsource bp will finance, build, own and operate the Prairie Ronde solar project, located approximately 25 miles north of Lafayette. McDonald’s will purchase all the solar energy the project produces. This equates to renewable power equivalent to approximately 630 restaurants per year. Construction of the project will begin in early 2023, and commercial operation will begin in late 2024.

“This transaction marks McDonald’s second solar project in Louisiana in partnership with Lightsource bp, bringing total statewide solar assets to 525 MW and representing cumulative private investment of $5 billion.” said Kevin Smith, CEO of Lightsource bp America. “McDonald’s is a great example of a corporate buyer whose commitment to sustainability is driving huge investments in new clean energy infrastructure for America’s energy security and clean energy.

Announcement from Lightsource bp

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