Greenskies completes nearly 25-MW solar portfolio for Connecticut utilities

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North Haven Project.

Greenskyes Clean Energy has completed two ground-mounted solar installations totaling 24.82 MW in Connecticut. Arrays in North Haven and Waterford are generating electricity online, providing clean, renewable energy to Connecticut residents through Eversource and United Illuminations (UI) utilities.

North Haven’s 6.14 MW array consists of over 16,500 modules located on 21 acres of unused land at All Saints Cemetery owned by the Catholic Cemetery Association (CCA) in the Archdiocese of Hartford. The Greenskies team worked with CCA to identify unused land suitable for solar power. CCA receives ongoing revenue from hosting the system and helps keep the cemetery running.

The 18.68 MW Waterford Solar Array consists of approximately 44,000 modules installed on 94 acres of unused land previously cleared by forestry operations.

waterford project.

Green Skies will design, build, finance, own, operate and maintain both solar projects. The North Haven project connects to the UI grid and the Waterford project connects to the Eversource territory. Power companies jointly purchase electricity generated through a long-term PPA.

“Greenskis is excited to contribute to Connecticut’s zero-carbon future,” said Greenskis President and CEO Stanley Chin. “DEEP procurement is an important means of making clean energy more accessible and affordable. There are many benefits, right down to providing reliable energy.”

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has realized these projects as part of its ongoing Clean Energy Procurement Plan. These two projects were part of a highly competitive 2017 request for proposal (RFP).

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