Clearway completes second solar + storage project on Kamehameha Schools land in O’ahu

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Clearway Energy Group’s 36 MW solar farm with 144 MWh battery storage on the grounds of Kamehameha School in Waiawa, Central Oahu, recently achieved commercial operation after passing all required commissioning tests.

Clearway CEO Craig Cornelius said: “We are extremely grateful to work with our partners, His Electric Hawaiian and His School of Kamehameha, who are helping us achieve these goals.”

Hawaiian Electric President and CEO Shelee Kimura said: “Her Clearway and Kamehameha are grateful for the contributions of her school in working together towards the decarbonization of the energy system, and with six additional projects of hers coming online on Oahu over the next two years, We look forward to bringing more benefits to the community.”

this is Second utility-scale solar project It was developed on the land of Kamehameha Gakuen.

“Working with Clearway provides a path to managing Aina in a way that reduces Hawaii’s reliance on fossil fuels while also bringing Aina-based learning to Haumana through partnership and innovation,” said Community VP and ‘Ᾱina Resiliency. “Congratulations Clearway and Hawaiian Electric Co. on reaching this milestone, which we believe will contribute to the resilience of our community.”

This state-of-the-art solar and battery power plant is a $150 million investment on approximately 180 acres of land leased from Kamehameha School. This solar farm will generate clean electricity at about half the cost of fossil fuels, powering the Oahu-wide grid, benefiting all of the island’s bill payers. Battery storage systems store power so that it is available after the sun has set or when power demand peaks.

Construction of the project was led by Moss Solar and the batteries were supplied by Wärtsilä.

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