Array Technologies opens solar tracker torque tube factory in Texas

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array technologiesThe company, a manufacturer of single-axis solar tracker solutions and services for utility-scale solar energy projects, has partnered with Lock Joint Tube, a manufacturer of mechanical and structural grade steel tubes, to secure supply from a new steel plant in Texas. signed a contract with We specialize in manufacturing utility scale solar tubes.

Ted Lerman, President and CEO of Lerman Enterprise, which owns Lock Joint Tube, and Neil Manning, Chief Operating Officer of Array Technologies, cut the tape at several production lines in Temple, Texas. .

Located in Temple, Texas, where Lock Joint Tube has established operations, the new facility will use locally sourced steel to produce solar torque tubes in compliance with Inflationary Inflation Act (IRA) domestic content requirements. increase. The partnership between the two companies will create new manufacturing jobs and leverage automation technology on the shop floor.

Array Technologies CEO Kevin Hostetler said, “Lock Joint Tubing’s newest plant will supply Array with domestic tubing under the IRA. It’s what our customers are looking for in the utility-scale solar market.” “This investment in American manufacturing will provide local communities with jobs aligned with the renewable energy market, improve the health of the domestic solar supply chain, and increase the number of arrays in the United States, including Texas and across the Midwest. We support the continued expansion of

Lock Joint Tube supplies steel tubes for solar panels and also torque tubes for tracker systems. Alley hopes that partnering with existing steel suppliers around it will alleviate supply chain challenges.

“Our collaboration with Array Technologies enhances our market leadership in meeting the evolving needs of the U.S. solar and photovoltaic manufacturing sector,” said Kevin Marks, president of Rock Joint Tube. rice field. “By utilizing domestically sourced steel, Lock Joint Tubing enables our customers to maximize their domestic steel content. It is essential to the expansion of sustainable renewable energy across the United States.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the facility was held at Temple on June 28. Lock Joint Tube has a steel torque tube factory in South Bend, Indiana where he also makes tubes for Array.

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