Arevon finishes 300-MW solar project on Moapa River Indian Reservation

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Arevon Energy announces the completion of the Eagle Shadow Mountain solar farm. Located on the Moapa River Indian Reservation in Clark County, Nevada, the 300 MW project is expected to generate over 900,000 MWh of clean electricity annually.

NV Energy entered into a long-term power purchase agreement for the output of Eagle Shadow Mountain to serve 44,000 square miles and 2.4 million customers.

The Eagle Shadow Mountain solar power plant is a significant achievement in Arebon’s renewable energy portfolio. Despite continued challenges posed by the global supply chain crisis, economic uncertainty and COVID-19, Arevon’s resilience provides Nevada residents with safe, renewable energy I was able to fulfill my promise to do so.

“Within the constraints of the global supply chain, the talented team at Allevon has worked tirelessly to provide Nevada with a superior new source of clean energy,” said Justin Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of Allevon. ‘ said. “Completing the Eagle Shadow Mountain Solar Plant is a major milestone and we thank the Paiute Island Moapa Band for helping make it a reality.”

As with previous projects in the region, Alevon relied heavily on the large talent pool provided by Moapabando, Paiute for both construction and operation of the solar plant. The Eagle Shadow Mountain Solar Plant has his 10 full-time employees and created an estimated 655 new jobs during construction.

In addition to Allevon’s commitment to utilizing local labor in construction, Allevon hosts a Christmas Present Drive that collects Thanksgiving meals and collects Christmas gifts for families on the Moapa River Indian Reservation. bottom.

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