1.35 GW of solar panels were listed on EnergyBin’s resale site in last 2 years

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solar product exchange energy bin Just released the 2nd AnnualPV Module Price Index for Secondary Solar MarketThis report tracks wholesale prices and supply of crystalline silicon modules listed for resale on the EnergyBin exchange.

As a B2B wholesale solar equipment exchange with over 500 member companies, EnergyBin makes it easy to connect solar companies looking to buy or sell PV hardware. Although the transaction will not take place on the EnergyBin platform, the sales list documents his over 3.6 million modules (or 1.35 GW) posted on the site from January 2020 to December 2022. .

EnergyBin COO Renee Kuehl said: “There are several reasons why modules and other PV hardware enter the secondary market: product flow from clearances, surplus and other temporary things, liquidation of assets due to corporate acquisitions and bankruptcies, project leftovers, cancellations. or modules from scaled-down projects, as well as used and refurbished modules.Most modules (91%) are new, but the percentage of used modules is opportunities are created.”

Used or used modules accounted for 9% of EnergyBin’s sales list in 2022, up from 4% in 2021. The maximum lot was a total of 90,000 units (or 27.5 MW). Used items are 50-80% cheaper than new ones. The increasing supply trend indicates an increasing number of obsolete projects whose functionality remains viable even when modules are taken offline. As the amount of obsolete modules increases, so do the opportunities for repair, remarketing, and asset recovery.

When it comes to new modules sold on the EnergyBin exchange, prices for all c-Si module classes (all-black, double-sided, high-efficiency, mainstream, low-cost) have increased in 2022. However, the rate of change from January 2020 to December 2022 is a minimum in the range of 0.2% to 4.2% for most module classes. The exception was the all-black module, which increased by 17.9%. Additionally, the December two-sided and high efficiency prices were in line with the European spot price of $0.43/Wp.

The top selling brand in 2021 was Sunergy after the company liquidated its California factory.

For the second year in a row, the report’s findings shed light on the importance of a robust and sustainable secondary solar market to minimize waste and maximize asset recovery. Moreover, such a market will help the overall adoption of solar as an affordable energy source, especially if the hardware can be sourced at or below the national average price. For example, the EnergyBin exchange will list all-black modules at $0.333/Wp, double-sided modules at $0.360/Wp, high-efficiency at $0.28/Wp, and mainstream at $0.200/Wp in 2022. I was.

“With the rapid growth of the global solar industry, the secondary market will continue to grow,” said Kuehl. “Growth will lead to new opportunities. The secondary market will reveal these opportunities in the areas of resale, reuse and repair, remanufacturing, recycling and value-added services that complement these business functions. All are necessary ingredients for a sustainable circular economy.”

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