The Solar Policy Scoop: March 2023

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New Georgia law could expand community solar in the state.

New Illinois law prevents counties from banning local wind and solar projects
springfield, illinois

Governor JB Pritzker signs into law banned county From enacting preemptive local ordinances that completely ban local wind and solar projects. More than 10 local bans were instituted before this law was enacted, but state law now supersedes those bans and helps Illinois achieve its clean energy goals.

New coalition urges California to create Western Regional Power Transmission Authority
sacramento, california

A coalition called Lights on California, which includes SEIA and other clean energy organizations, is asking states to: Establish the western regional power transmission system Establish common energy governance for 11 western states. The coalition argues that such RTOs could help all Western states meet their renewable energy goals and reduce energy costs for consumers.

Treasury releases initial guidance on low-income and tribal ITC adders
washington dc

issued by the Ministry of Finance Initial guidance ITC Adders on Inflation Reduction Act for Low Income and Tribal Solar Projects. The Department of Energy will act as administrator of the program and will begin accepting applications for solar projects benefiting low-income residential buildings and low-income households in the third quarter of 2023.

New Georgia bill expands community solar access and net metering caps
Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia’s new bill Improving and Expanding Community Solar By enabling duty-free customers to aggregate demand from multiple locations and subscribe to off-site solar installations of less than 3 MW. The bill also raises the cap on rooftop solar programs to 5% from his 0.2% of annual peak demand in the previous year to give the market time to mature.

Biden Imposes 200% Tariff on Russian Aluminum Imports
washington dc

The Biden administration has signed declaration The country imposes a 200% tariff on aluminum imports from Russia, calling such imports a threat to national security, according to an investigation conducted by the Commerce Secretary. Aluminum is a common material found in solar panel frames, as well as racks and structural mounts used in PV arrays.

Gov. Murphy accelerates New Jersey’s 100% clean energy goal by 15 years
trenton, new jersey

Governor Phil Murphy said acceleration target New Jersey must reach 100% clean energy by 2035. This is 15 years ahead of our previous goal. The governor also created new goals for residential, commercial, and low-to-middle-income (LMI) real estate electrification.

Maryland bill boosts residential rooftop solar subsidies
Annapolis, Maryland

The new legislation, sponsored by Maryland Senator Brian J. Feldman and Congressman Lilly Chi, Increase State Residential Clean Energy Subsidies We offer incentives for rooftop solar installations from $1,000 to $5,000. The Maryland Rooftop Solar Coalition is pushing this legislation to revitalize the state’s solar industry and increase equitable access.

New Law Reforms Vermont Renewable Energy Standards
Montpelier, Vermont

Vermont’s new law Reform State’s 2015 Renewable Energy Standardsproponents say it has led to an over-reliance on existing renewable energy sources to meet standards. It is obligatory to obtain from energy.

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