Renewables increased energy output by more than 12% in 2022

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According to SUN DAY campaign data just released According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), renewable energy sources provided nearly 23% of U.S. electricity generation in 2022.

The latest issue of the EIA’s “Electric Power Monthly” report, which includes data through December 31, shows that renewable energy sources (including small-scale solar PV systems) increased by 12.37%. All energy sources combined increased by only 3.47%.

In 2022, renewable energy will provide 22.58% of total U.S. electricity generation, compared with 20.79% a year ago.So they slightly exceeded EIA standards previous prediction Share of renewable energy to provide 22% of U.S. electricity in calendar year 2022.

Again, solar is the fastest growing renewable energy source. Solar output increased by 24.14%, representing a 4.74% share of total U.S. electricity generation for the year. A year ago, Solar’s share was his 3.95%. At the end of 2012, the share of photovoltaics was only 0.11%, compared to 1.91% five years ago.

Power generation from wind also expanded significantly, increasing by 14.97% and supplying more than a tenth (10.11%) of total U.S. electricity generation in 2022. Combined, solar and wind accounted for about 15% (14.85%) of US power generation last year.

In addition, hydropower increased by 4.14% and accounted for 6.09% of the total. Electricity generation from geothermal, wood and wood-based fuels also increased by 6.43% and 0.29% respectively. Only “Other Biomass” production decreased — by 5.06%.

Taken together, in 2022, renewable energy sources will comfortably outpace both coal and nuclear by 17.18% and 25.90%, respectively. However, natural gas continues to account for a 39.27% ​​share of total electricity generation.

The increase in renewables’ share of US power generation last year reflects expansion in other sectors such as transportation and heating.

For example, the second EIA report—the “Monthly Energy Review” It was announced last week — revealing that the mix of renewable energy sources, including biofuels, accounted for 13.03% of total U.S. energy production in the first 11 months of 2022. The share of renewable energy in the same period last year was 12.50%.

On the consumption side, renewable energy accounted for 13.20% of energy use in the first 11 months of 2022. Renewable energy accounted for 12.43% of energy consumption in the same period last year. Actual consumption of renewable energy increased by 8.96%, while total energy use across all sectors increased by only 2.59%.

“Last year set a new record for electricity generated from renewable sources in the United States,” said Ken Bossong, executive director of the SUN DAY campaign. “Renewable energy will now account for one-fourth of electricity generation and one-seventh of total domestic energy production in 2023, and will accelerate in the years to come.”

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