November solar policy snapshots

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The DOE seeks to develop best practices for green solar sites by funding new research.

FEMA proposes changes to building codes that could raise the cost of ground-mounted solar
washington dc

The Federal Emergency Management Agency Raise risk category For ground-mounted solar from low hazard risk Category I to Category IV, the material composition of solar racks and modules increases, which can drive up costs significantly. SEIA and 300+ clean energy companies wants a compromise to classify ground-mounted solar as Risk Category II.

Treasury seeks public comment on IRA clean energy regulations
washington dc

The U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service announced in early October seek public opinion On the numerous climate and clean energy incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act. The department has also begun convening stakeholder roundtables to hear from a “wider range of voices.”

DOE calls for increased cybersecurity measures in preparation for rapid growth of distributed energy
washington dc

The U.S. Department of Energy recently released a long-term assessment and strategic outlook Cybersecurity considerations It is related to distributed energy resources like solar power. The authors recommend minimal security requirements and governance to protect these resources from hackers, especially as the industry grows over the next decade.

DOE invests in research to minimize wildlife impacts on large solar sites
washington dc

The US Department of Energy has announced $14 million in funding for researchers to do research. How solar infrastructure interacts with local wildlife and ecosystemsThe ministry hopes the study will help the industry develop best practices for responsible solar site development.

California Energy Commission Needs More Transparency for Utilities on Customers’ Electricity Rates
sacramento, california

Adopted by the California Energy Commission update Comply with state standards that provide consumers with more timely and accurate information about electricity costs that help them better manage their energy use. By April 2023, the state’s massive IOU will have to publish its hourly rate database.

Georgia Power Company Proposes New $200 Rooftop Solar Interconnect Fee
Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Power Company Offers Tariff Increases to All Customers and New $200 interconnect fee For rooftop solar customers. SEIA is asking the Georgia Public Service Commission to reject these changes and increase oversight of the fee structure.

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