New legislation would reform Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard

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H.320, Act on Renewable Energy Standards, a proposal to reform Vermont’s renewable energy standards to prioritize the development of new renewable resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout Vermont and the rest of New England. The measure would fundamentally undermine the 2015 Renewable Energy Standards by requiring Vermont’s power companies to derive 60% of their electricity from new renewable sources while making Vermont 100% renewable. correcting shortcomings (overreliance on existing renewable energy that has failed to reduce local carbon pollution); The future of energy.

H.320 sets purchase requirements for three “buckets” of renewable energy.

  • New in-state renewable energy: This measure would increase the state’s renewable energy purchase requirement from the current 10% load on RES to 20% by 2030 and a minimum of 30% by 2035.
  • New regional renewable energy: This measure creates a requirement to purchase a minimum of 30% of additional “new renewable energy” for electricity loads from new renewable energy of all sizes within New England by 2035.
  • Existing renewable energy: Bill limits power purchases from existing renewables to 40% of load in 2035

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Caleb Elder (D Addison-4) and supported by REV and a broad coalition of environmental and social justice organizations, including CLF, VPRIG, 350 Vermont, Right and Democracy, and Vermont Conservation Voters. increase. For more information on H.320, please refer to the REV billing overview..

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