New California bill aims for more solar over parking lots and along highways

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Solar carport installed by M Bar C at Palm Desert High School.

On March 15th, Environment California announced support letter Signed by 64 environmental, consumer and other community groups against Senator Josh Becker declaring his support for Senate Bill 49. Right of way on that highway.

The organization applauded Senator Becker’s leadership in addressing the climate crisis with common sense clean energy solutions. It’s the promotion of solar and battery power that powers communities across the state.

Existing development areas such as parking lots and highways must be optimized to capture large amounts of solar energy. These groups will now take advantage of the state’s abundant parking lots and freeway rights to produce more clean energy and help California reach its 100% clean energy goal. I agree that it is time.

Senator Becker recently attended a legislative briefing webinar hosted by Environment America, outlining plans for SB 49 and discussing efforts to deploy more solar in California. He pointed out the many benefits of the bill, such as how the solar canopy uses land efficiently and how it gets energy closer to where it is needed. produces Leasing state-controlled land along highways can save state budgets and generate additional income.

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