Georgia Power Company proposes new $200 rooftop solar interconnection fee

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new joint testimony Georgia Power Company (GPC) has grossly overcharged all utility customers over the past 11 years, according to a study led by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), and was sued by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC). Well above the set profit level.

The GPC is now proposing a significant rate increase, charging Georgians an average of $16.29 per month extra, and charging rooftop solar customers a hefty $200 interconnection fee. SEIA’s analysis finds GPC’s cost-shifting claims to non-solar customers to be completely unfounded, especially in light of his decade-long practice of monopoly utilities that overcharge Georgia residents and businesses. is shown.

Kevin Lucas, Senior Director of Utilities Regulation and Policy at SEIA and lead author of the joint testimony, said: “Georgia Power Company has overcharged Georgia’s electricity bill by an average of $26 annually over the last 11 years. Up to $1.87 billion in additional revenue from the GPC, and if that weren’t enough, the GPC is now asking state regulators to penalize solar customers and prevent bill payers from paying bills. We are asking to approve more rate increases and rate changes that eliminate the option to manage.”

Joint testimony filed with Vote Solar and the Georgia Solar Energy Industries Association (GASEIA) features SEIA’s analysis that proposed tariff changes confuse customers with requested tariffs that are difficult to understand and difficult to manage for them Focus on how it is intended. Analysis suggests that nearly all customers could have saved money with a different tariff structure, but PSC has not held a public hearing to consider a more cost-effective structure.

The SEIA analysis also shows that GPC’s overcollection charges peaked in 2020 and 2021, leading to nearly $500 million in additional revenue. This happened when he had over 131,000 GPC customers powered off during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Georgian families are already feeling the strain of inflation, and Georgia Power’s rate hike is unnecessary and exorbitant,” said Alison Kubien, Southeast Regulatory Director at Vote Solar. I’m here. “The Public Service Commission has an opportunity to protect the rights of rate payers to choose solar power for their businesses. I urge you to prioritize freedom.”

Joint testimony urges PSC to reject GPC’s proposed $200 interconnection fee for solar customers. The testimony also calls on the PSC to strengthen its oversight of utilities to prevent overcollections from toll payers and to empower customer choice.

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