Congressional Progressive Caucus starts task force to help accomplish IRA goals

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Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) announced the launch of a new task force, the Accelerating Clean Energy (ACE) Task Force, led by CPC Vice-Chair Jared Huffman (CA-02). Under Huffman’s leadership, the task force will create a blueprint for rapidly achieving the benefits of the 117th Congress’ historic clean energy investments.

The task force’s mandate is to clearly understand the challenges in implementing clean energy projects, work with the Biden administration and external partners, and provide administrative and legislative guidance to permits that will help bring new renewable energy projects online faster. to make recommendations for reform. , to upgrade and modernize the electricity grid so that the United States can meet President Biden’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by 80% of his by 2030. 07), representatives of CPC members Mike Levin (CA-49), Joe Negse (CO-02), Melanie Stansbury (NM-01), Paul Tonko (NY-20), and Chairman Jayapal .

“Driven by the urgency of the climate crisis, CPC members pushed the last Congress to develop and pass groundbreaking legislation that puts the United States on the path to decarbonization. with the ACE Task Force is committed to ensuring that these reforms and investments are implemented with equal urgency to meet climate goals and realize the broader benefits of a clean energy economy, while maintaining environmental justice as a core value. It shows,” Huffman said. “We are looking into the real factors that have slowed down clean energy projects, acknowledging recent government actions and last year’s $1 billion investment in streamlining clean energy permits to expedite the completion of clean energy projects. We recommend additional strategies for clean energy without sacrificing bedrock environmental laws, throwing disadvantaged communities under the bus, or passing Trojan horse laws that support the fossil fuel industry. can achieve its goals.”

News items from Congressman Jared Huffman’s office

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