California Senate Budget Committee proposes $400 million investment in community solar + storage

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District solar proponents applaud the California Senate Budget Committee for proposing $400 million in district solar and storage investments in its latest plan. Budget and Finance Reviewwas released on May 25.

Earlier this week, the Coalition of Advocates for the Environment and Environmental Justice said: letter Asked legislative leadership to appropriate $400 million from the Clean Energy Reliability Investment Program (CERIP) fund. The group specifically asked Congress to fund projects that offer fares savings to low-income customers and increase local confidence in low-income and marginalized communities.

Community Solar Power and Storage will enable all utility customers, regardless of home type, to join a solar array and receive credit directly from their renewable energy utility bills generated. expand access to affordable solar power.Last September, California passed the Landmark Congress Bill 2316This will begin the process of creating a community solar power and storage program, requiring 51% of program capacity to serve low-income customers. Solar and equity advocates hail the bill’s potential to accelerate the state’s transition to clean energy and bring financial relief to those struggling with unreasonably high utility bills and utility bills. bottom. While the program is currently being discussed and designed by the California Public Utilities Commission, the proponents will help strengthen the capital returns of the new community solar and storage program and invest in a $7 billion “solar forum.” • seeks state funding to increase California’s competitiveness to secure funding from “Oar”; Potts is dedicated solely to expanding access to solar power for low-income and disadvantaged communities.

“The $400 million funding will help us further develop AB 2316’s enormous potential, bringing affordable solar power and storage to more California homes,” said Vote. Stephanie Doyle, Solar California Regulatory Director, said. “We thank the Senate Budget Committee for recognizing the need for bold investments in clean energy solutions that are equitable and impactful. helps secure federal investment that will help expand the

Governor Newsom and the state legislature are currently considering their own “Budget Trailer Bill.” In California, it refers to a bill that implements a policy outlined in the state budget. The bill will be negotiated and the final version voted on before it closes in September.

“This commitment, proposed by the Senate, will go a long way in helping frontline communities access clean energy,” said Alexis Satterman, Energy Equity Program Manager for the California Alliance for Environmental Justice. “The legislature should follow the lead and defend environmental justice by authorizing the allocation of $400 million from CERIP funds for community solar and storage.” “California is far behind other states that should be leading the way in community solar and storage. and is an important pathway for bringing toll savings and air quality improvements to low-income and environmental justice communities.”

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