Bipartisan Michigan lawmakers introduce community solar-enabling legislation

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Michigan Residents and businesses can reduce utility bills and strengthen the state’s energy grid, Join Michigan’s growing solar economy under a bipartisan law introduced March 7 by Senators Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) and Ed McBroom (R-Waucedah Township). Senate Bills 152 and 153 allow an electricity customer to join his solar project in the community and receive electricity bill credits for the electricity produced, just as if the panels were on his own roof. increase.

“Solar energy offers many economic and environmental benefits, but not everyone can build their own solar arrays,” said Senator Irwin. “These bills give people, organizations and businesses the option to participate in affordable renewable energy generation in their communities.”

“Michigan residents and businesses deserve to be able to choose where they have guaranteed electricity,” said Senator McBroom. “These small, local solar projects are particularly useful for residents, offering them the opportunity to independently generate energy for themselves and their neighbors, saving their subscribers money on their utility bills. Offers.”

A community solar project limited to 5 MW allows homeowners, small businesses, government buildings, schools, churches, and anyone with space to install and share solar installations with members and neighbors. I can. These arrays are typically built on small plots of underutilized farmland, but can also be built on the roofs of large commercial buildings, parking lots, brownfields, or landfills.

Recent major blackouts have highlighted the need to improve electrical reliability in Michigan. Community solar helps strengthen the grid. new research It highlights the magnitude of the economic loss from the power outage in Michigan. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Michigan is less reliable than the U.S. average in terms of both the duration and number of interruptions in electrical service. Local solar power is part of the solution, as power is generated close to where it is needed, powering homes and small businesses even during spikes in demand or major blackouts.

“The Michigan Community Solar Alliance applauds Senators Irwin and McBroom for their introduction of Senate Bills 152 and 153, which are bipartisan legislation allowing subscription-based community solar projects in the state. ”said Carlo Cavalaro, Midwest regional director for the Community Solar Access Coalition. “The introduction of this law will extend access and availability to all Michigan residents to clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy, especially as Michigan is still recovering from the recent major blackouts. These bills would make Michigan tap into billions of incentive dollars available for local solar programs through the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. ”

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