Yotta Energy releases more powerful microinverter and adds two EV chargers to product portfolio

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Yotta Energy will debut three new products that will be showcased at RE+ next week.

The company’s new solutions include the Yotta DPI-208 and DPI-480, three-phase microinverters for commercial solar and storage applications. Yotta EV, a line of commercial EV level 2 chargers. The Yotta REV is a solar powered EV charging station with up to 510 miles of daily solar charging and is a grid option.

“The e-mobility market is $1.5 trillion By 2028, we believe the future of EV charging, solar and energy storage will be synergistic for business,” said Omeed Badkoobeh, CEO of Yotta Energy. “To meet this demand and to enhance the existing grid, Yotta has deployed a range of products, including commercial EV chargers and fast EV charging solutions, to support these electrification goals and help regenerate all our customers. Creating a one-stop-shop for renewable energy.Energy needs.By bringing these solutions to market, we are building an ‘Energy Made Simple’ ecosystem. “

All three products will be commercially available in Q1 2023, will be installed throughout the continental United States, and are built to provide a higher return on investment for customers looking to deploy solar and electric vehicle technology. In addition, electric vehicle charging stations use solar power, so they are eligible for preferential treatment under the Inflation Control Law.

Yotta DPI-208, DPI 480 (dual power inverter): Yotta’s new DPI line of three-phase microinverters can accommodate up to four high-capacity PV modules, each up to 525 W. DPI is Yotta’s SolarLEAF Panel Level Battery Conforms to UL-1741 (SA). This utility interactive microinverter features reactive power control technology that exceeds recent NEC rapid shutdown requirements.

Yotta EV: Yotta’s commercial EV chargers include single-port and dual-port chargers. These commercial charging solutions are rated at 48A (11.5 kW) but can be adjusted to 40A, 32A and 16A to accommodate more chargers in existing electrical infrastructure. The single charger can be wall mounted or mounted on a pedestal using Yotta’s custom mounting solutions. Dual charger comes with 4.3 inch. Mount with full LCD and retractable cord system. Using Wi-Fi or 4G, the charger connects to Yotta’s software management platform to reduce demand charges alongside solar + storage.

Yotta REV: REV is an integrated and scalable charging solution designed around solar power capacity that can be connected to the grid or operated completely off-grid. REV features an east-west double-sided panel design that optimizes direct and indirect sunlight for maximum solar energy optimization. The charger is always connected and monitored via 4G or satellite and is designed to work all year round in all weather conditions thanks to Yotta’s patented core battery thermal technology.

This customizable solar-powered EV station can be deployed in urban as well as remote off-grid locations with a rapid 48-hour deployment. Users can access 240-510 miles of solar charging and 50-300 kWh of battery capacity every day. Each REV station has a 10-year warranty and is operated via a remote fleet monitoring system.

Emilio Collado, Head of Design at Yotta Energy, said: “In order to develop each of these products, we are intensively working with consumers and businesses looking to purchase an EV, need to meet increasing power demand, or seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have relied on excellent customer feedback and user experience.This launch establishes Yotta as the go-to resource for clean energy products as the company grows and moves into the e-mobility space.”

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