Yaskawa Solectria working on new inverter model customized for First Solar panels

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Yaskawa Solectria Solar announced that it has partnered with First Solar to develop a new version of the SOLECTRIA XGI 1500-250 utility scale string inverter. This enhancement optimizes the XGI 1500-250 for First Solar’s advanced thin film modules.

“At Yaskawa Solectria Solar, we aim to strengthen our position as a technology leader and build on the proven technology of the XGI 1500 inverter. brings together our engineering team and industry-leading technology at the right time, said Miles C. Russell, director of product management at Yaskawa Solectria Solar.

In this collaboration between the two companies, Yaskawa Solectria Solar, the only US-based manufacturer of commercial and utility-scale string inverters, will bring extensive inverter design experience and US-based manufacturing to the initiative. The goal is to create a version of the new SOLECTRIA XGI 1500-250 utility-scale string inverter that allows a grounded DC input, thereby ensuring optimal integration with First Solar’s high performance. Series 6 When Series 7 Advanced thin film PV modules. Developed in First Solar’s R&D labs in California and Ohio, these PV modules set the industry standard for reliable energy production, optimized design, and environmental performance.

Alex Kamerer, product management manager at First Solar, said: “This initiative represents the best of U.S. solar power, combining leading U.S.-developed solar technology with U.S.-developed inverter technology to provide optimized solutions for U.S. solar assets. represents.”

Notice from Yaskawa Solectria Solar

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