Xcel Energy proposes 250-MW addition to huge Upper Midwest solar project

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Xcel Energy is proposing to add an additional 250 MW solar project near the existing Sherco plant site in Becker, Minnesota. The project will soon be home to the Upper Midwest’s largest solar development and represents an important part of the company’s clean energy future.

On May 8, Xcel Energy requested the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to add a third solar array adjacent to the 460 MW Sherco Solar Project already under construction. The three solar projects are expected to be completed by the end of 2025, replacing capacity in Sherco’s first coal unit, which is scheduled to be retired later this year. Xcel Energy is also proposing to purchase power from his 100 MW Apple River solar project being developed in northwest Wisconsin as part of expanding its solar energy offerings to customers.

Sherco Solar is one of the largest solar developments in the United States and is key to Xcel Energy’s plans to nearly triple solar power in the Upper Midwest system by 2028. The combined project capacity of 710 MW will generate enough electricity to power more than 150,000. home every year on average. Solar energy has no fuel costs, contributes to a diversified energy mix, and helps prevent fuel prices from rising. Xcel Energy hopes to help customers save money by qualifying for federal tax credits that make construction costs more affordable.

Chris Clark, president of Excel Energy in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota, said: “We are committed to moving the Sherco Solar project forward and providing critical new clean energy to our customers and communities.”

Xcel Energy will develop, own and operate the third Sherco Solar array. Last fall, PUC approved the first of his two solar projects at the Sherco plant site. Construction of the first project began in late April.

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