Vertically mounted solar system Sunzaun hits market

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Ground installation contractor sun stall launched a new venture sunsauna vertical solar system ideal for agricultural applications.

One of Sunzaun’s unique advantages is its ability to combine agriculture and green power production on the same land. This innovative vertical system has the potential to increase crop yields, provide shade and create a microclimate for plants, while reducing the demand for irrigation and fertilizer.

Agrisolar Clearinghouse Published a case study A Sunsaun installation on a California vineyard describes the benefits of the system for farms. In addition to agricultural applications, Sunzaun is also suitable for a variety of other environments, such as along highways, next to railroads, fencing property such as residential and public spaces, and any environment that can benefit from a small spatial footprint. I’m here. of vertical design.

Sunstall CEO Helge Biernath said: “With our dual-use approach, Sunsaun will have a significant impact on the decarbonization of the United States. It will mitigate the challenges of modern agriculture caused by climate change and power electric vehicles where it is needed.” We believe Sunzaun will help customers save on their energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint.”

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