Tigo EI Residential Solar Solution approved by HECO for Hawaiian market

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Tigo Energy has announced the availability of new HECO certified products. Tigo EI Residential Solar Solutions This includes a new 3.8 kW option. Inclusion on the HECO list of approved solar products that meet the essential features specified in Rule 14H will enable Tigo and its distribution partners to offer flexible and reliable solar+ solutions for the growing residential market across the island. Storage solutions are now available to solar installers.

The Tigo Energy Intelligence product line offers maximum flexibility in an integrated system that is easy to install, quick to commission, and easy to maintain via the Tigo EI mobile app and browser-based program. The Tigo EI platform provides system diagnostics and over-the-air software upgrades, enabling monitoring of energy production to improve visibility and understanding of the energy system. With a warranty on all hardware, homeowners and installers can continue to rely on Tigo Energy’s product performance and support. As a major market for renewable energy in general and energy storage in particular, the addition of the 3.8 kW Tigo EI inverter will help Hawaii homeowners to right-size their solar systems and reduce the cost of solar and storage. It gives you an important tool for optimizing combinations.

“Hawaii has a concentration of experienced, quality installers who work with knowledgeable homeowners to make this market the pinnacle of renewable energy adoption and policy in the United States. “As one of the most mature solar markets in the United States, people in Hawaii want the very best from their equipment suppliers,” said Derek Noble, senior vice president of North American Sales. Tigo is pleased to offer HECO certified EI residential solar solutions that have been proven in other US and European markets over the past year.”

The Tigo 3.8 kW EI Inverter joins the 7.6 kW and 11.4 kW models to provide highly efficient energy conversion for home use or export to the grid. When combined with his Tigo line of TS4 MLPE products, it enables module-level optimization, monitoring, and quick shutdown, and when combined with home energy storage systems, such as Tigo EI batteries, provides home energy backup. It will be possible. Tigo EI batteries provide energy rate control for time-of-use plans and backup energy during grid outages. You can also configure both whole house backup and critical load backup to comprehensively meet your home energy needs. The Tigo EI battery system has an energy rating of 9.9 kWh per enclosure and a usable capacity of 9.0 kWh.

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