REC Silicon will use U.S. silicon supply at Moses Lake

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REC Silicon has signed a memorandum of understanding on raw material supply with Ferro Gloves, a silicon metal company.

Ferroglobe will supply high-purity silicon metals from plants in Alabama, Ohio and West Virginia, and REC Silicon will manufacture polysilicon at its Moses Lake, Washington plant. Production will resume at the end of 2023.. This establishes a low-carbon US-based solar supply chain for polysilicon, a component of crystalline silicon solar panels.

Recent investment by Hanwha Group becomes REC SiliconIn collaboration with Hanwha’s subsidiary Qcells, REC has expanded its long-standing relationship with Ferroglobe, from raw silicon to polysilicon and finally fully assembled modules to end-to-end U.S. Allowed to plan immediate development of the solar supply chain (at the Qcells plant in Georgia).

Key to the rapid expansion of the US supply chain is a lasting, long-term policy to attract and maintain US domestic PV production.Many of the solar supply chains still use banks Enactment of SEMA law, It provides domestic producers with a manufacturing tax credit.

The MOU promises to work together to increase production and employment at each company’s facilities.

“It is imperative that the solar manufacturing industry grow and diversify,” said James A. May II, CEO of REC Silicon. “REC is committed to driving large-scale investment in the United States, especially with the establishment of SEMA, which will create tens of thousands of high-paying manufacturing jobs across the sector and move the United States to cleanliness. I think it will accelerate. Energy. “

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