Puerto Rico groups ask Congress to fund solar + storage for vulnerable communities

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More than 40 organizations, businesses and churches are asking Congress to approve the $5 billion needed to strengthen Puerto Rico’s energy grid.They are letter Seeking funding to update Puerto Rico’s outdated energy system.

“Five years after Hurricane Maria, we still suffer from frequent power outages,” said David Ortiz, program director for Solar United Neighbors Puerto Rico. “It’s time to solve this problem. Solar energy and batteries are the solution. It will save Congress billions of dollars in the future every time we get hit by a storm.”

Puerto Rico’s energy grid remains poorly managed and centralized, making it prone to catastrophic failure when major storms strike. The system relies on expensive fossil fuel plants and aging power lines.

Failure of this system can result in communities without power for weeks at a time. Previous funding efforts have focused on rebuilding existing infrastructure. This keeps the same vulnerable system.

Solar power and storage systems withstand storms and provide continuous power. This is why these groups have asked Congress to fund new and better electrical systems. The requested money will go towards the cost of rooftop solar and battery systems that will benefit low-income and vulnerable households. It will also fund solar power and storage batteries for nonprofits and municipalities. These large-scale systems serve as part of community resilience projects.

“Puerto Ricans from all walks of life want a solution to this life-threatening energy crisis,” Ortiz said. “I hope Congress will decide to support this bill.”

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