Nextracker opens single-axis tracker manufacturing plant in Texas

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Solar racking maker Nextracker Launched a new facility at JM Steel Manufactures tracker components for solar power plants throughout the southern United States. A dedicated solar tracker production line is located at the new Steel Dynamics facility near Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Dan Shugar, Founder and CEO of Nextracker, said: “We are moving to domestic production to stabilize prices and achieve superior delivery times for our customers. In addition, US steel makers like Steel Dynamics Incorporated (SDI) are far more than most foreign makers. It uses a clean, low-carbon production process. JM Steel is located next to SDI Sinton, the state-of-the-art steel mill in the United States, and costs money by consolidating major manufacturing activities into one campus. It can be further reduced. “

The 97,000-square-foot JMS Steel Sinton facility opened in October 2021. Based on its location, Nextracker’s production line has access to three Class 1 railroads (UP, BNSF, KCS) and a water port of the inland waterway system.

In response to the global supply turmoil, Nextracker has decided to focus on manufacturing in the United States. According to a report from IHS Markit Insight, “Steel procurement and manufacturing locations will be an important concern for tracker suppliers as they address increasing local content requirements and volatile freight rates in the global market.”

Nextracker has partnered with JM Steel to exclusively supply critical materials in one of the fastest growing and largest solar markets, Texas and the Southern United States. Last year, Texas overtook California as a top-ranked state with additional solar capacity of 6.6GW. Solar power generation with 23GW scheduled to be added by 2023.

Tony Calandra, CEO of JMSteel and JENNMAR USA, said: “And all the steel used to make Nextracker’s products is made with SDI’s latest Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) technology, which is the source of the best low carbon footprint for Nextracker’s solar products. Use recycled or scrap steel. ”

Steelmaking usually consumes a lot of energy, but the “next generation” process, the electric arc furnace, is much more efficient and dramatically reduces pollution. EAF-based steel mills are typically 75% less carbon-intensive than traditional blast furnaces.

When fully operational, the new Nextracker production line will support about 50 new local direct jobs and provide a few gigawatts of solar tracker capacity per year. Solar trackers have become the standard structure for utility-scale photovoltaic power plants around the world, typically producing 20-30% more energy than fixed-tilt applications.

“SDI is excited to welcome our customers JM Steel and Nextracker to our campus in Synthon, Texas, to supply Nextracker’s innovative solar tracker products with environmentally friendly low carbon steel,” said Flat Roll Steel. Barry Schneider, Senior Vice President of the Group, said. Steel dynamics.

JM Steel’s dedicated Nextracker production line will be operational as of this news release and all products manufactured for Nextracker will be “Made in the USA”.

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