Multifamily housing tenants in Mississippi can now share rooftop solar benefits

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alum energy announced the successful commissioning of its SolShare clean energy technology in an apartment complex owned and operated by Belhaven Residential in Jackson, Mississippi. This latest U.S. deployment of SolShare will help advance solar and off-meter technologies in a market underrepresented by renewable energy projects.

Louisiana-based solar contractor Solar Alternatives installed a 22 kW array at 805 Madison. Key members of the Mississippi Public Service Commission supported the project, including Central District Commissioner Brent Bailey and former Solar Innovations Fellow Alicia Brown. Entergy Mississippi, an integrated energy company that powers her 461,000 utility customers in 45 Mississippi counties, helped finance the project. Entergy Mississippi and Belhaven Residential signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) under which Entergy will provide her $6,500 grant in exchange for access to clean energy data collected by the project.

Jennifer Welch, Founder of Belhaven Residential, said: “Installing solar with the goal of providing affordable and cleaner energy is a win-win for tenants and a win-win for the environment.”

SolShare and rooftop solar installations increase on-site clean energy consumption and energy burden for Belhaven Residential multi-tenant eligible for low-to-middle income benefits in Mississippi under the state’s distributed generation program is reduced.

“Residential consumers and building managers continue to seek and embrace the benefits of a more sustainable energy portfolio. “The Distributed Generation Regulation provides a customer-centric program that reduces risk, reduces energy consumption and puts money back in the customer’s pocket.”

SolShare is the only technology in the world that shares rooftop solar with multiple apartments in the same building. SolShare offers a solution for multi-tenant residents who want to access the environmental and economic benefits of rooftop solar power without having to change their existing power distribution and metering infrastructure. Existing SolShare installations have demonstrated electricity savings of up to 40%.

“Our team is excited to work with the Mississippi Public Service Commission and the Belhaven Housing Team to lead the transition to clean and affordable energy in Mississippi,” said Allume Energy’s U.S. strategy. said Aliya Bagewadi, Director of Global Partnerships. “By providing Jackson residents with further evidence of her SolShare technology, we are demonstrating a scalable model for more equitable access to the environmental and economic benefits of solar for multifamily homes.”

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