JinkoSolar product users can file easier warranty claims through Raptor Maps platform

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Solar lifecycle management software provider Raptor Maps has teamed up with solar module company JinkoSolar to release a warranty claims product.

A new software release for Raptor Maps offers a technical solution to a historically complex process. Robotically acquired inspection data on the Raptor Solar platform is fused with both field and manufacturer-supplied data. Warranty submissions enable auditable data logging, minimize confounding variables, and are designed to enable status updates and collaboration with JinkoSolar engineers directly within the platform.

“Our US-based support team is proud to be one of North America’s most trusted suppliers of solar and energy storage equipment,” said Nigel, general manager of JinkoSolar (US) Inc. Cockroft explains. A long-term partnership has given us that trust. We are proud to be a launch partner of Raptor Maps. This partner helps us achieve this mission and provide the best experience for JinkoSolar’s customers. ”

Nikhil Vadhavkar, CEO and co-founder of Raptor Maps, said, “Having JinkoSolar as a launch partner is particularly exciting. They are committed to our mission to enable our customers to grow their solar business in the long term. because it shares 85 financial institutions. “In addition to providing field workers with superior tools and guidance, JinkoSolar enables us to track module performance in the field, monitor trends, and proactively engage with our customers.”

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