FTC Solar releases new model of 1P single-axis solar tracker

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FTC Solar, a solar tracker, software and engineering services provider, has introduced a new portrait (1P) solar tracker solution called Pioneer.

Credit: Pioneer Solar

Nagendra Cherukupalli, CTO of FTC Solar, said: “The high-density design also gives Pioneer many advantages over its competitors, including up to 5% higher energy output at the same site.”

Pioneer features include:

  • Pile Count Reduction: Our unique proprietary design allows for over 18% reduction in piles/bases, reducing capital expenditures and potential rework due to rejection.
  • Higher Energy Density: Shorter row lengths increase the energy output of a given parcel of land by more than 5%.
  • Fast Assembly: Save time with our unique ‘fast module’ hang technology and fewer overall fasteners.
  • Reduced Embedment Depth: 0 Degree Stow reduces pile embedment depth, saving material and labor costs.
  • Accommodates large modules: Easily accommodates 550W and 600W wide format modules. Additionally, no Torque Tube (TT) dents or thru-bolts are required to index the module to the TT, allowing for modification or retrofitting of the module.
  • High Slope Tolerance: Includes 17.5% north-south tracker column tolerance.

Pioneer accommodates all modular elements, including those over 2.4 m in length. Additionally, Pioneer is more energy resilient as it operates independently from the grid in the event of a power outage and is self-powered by a battery for up to three days of backup. Pioneer accommodates ground screw foundations.

Through wind tunnel testing, it was determined that the Pioneer could withstand wind conditions of up to 120 miles per hour.

FTC CCO Patrick Cook said: Sun.

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