Esdec Solar Group receives bronze certification for advancements on DEIJ issues

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Esdec Solar Group Acquiring this certification demonstrates the Esdec Solar Group’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace and culture in the solar industry.

Esdec Solar Group has started the process of obtaining a Silver certification. This includes research focused on hiring practices, benefits policies, management training, and more.

“At the Esdec Solar Group, we have found a balance between a corporate culture that strongly supports diversity, equity, inclusion and justice, and our broader organizational goal of being a company rooted in environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. We believe there is a close connection to ,” said Rich Tiu. , CEO of Esdec Solar Group US “This is not only because we are a renewable company focused on improving the environment for the next generation, but DEIJ is one of our core values. We are one family. Being one family includes but is not limited to supporting and caring for each other while embracing diversity. We also respect people regardless of their status or opinions. I hear that this corporate culture is not limited to the company, but is also felt by suppliers, business partners, and customers. Therefore, DEIJ and his ESG are related and critical to our evolving corporate culture and long-term corporate goals. ”

Diversity-certified professionals have created programs that use an evidence-based approach to improve diversity practices within companies. The program guides participants through a wide range of modules covering topics of varying diversity and requires completion of activities. This helps create a more inclusive work environment while serving the communities in which we work, helping us attract, hire, promote and retain diverse talent.
Companies earn levels of certification by completing each series of modules.

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental building blocks of a healthy work culture and enable the potential of Esdec Solar Group’s people, organization and the solar industry as a whole. SEIA’s DEIJ certification program not only evaluates Esdec Solar Group’s DEI practices, but also provides guidance and resources to take action to create real change.

The program is designed to help renewable energy companies move forward from anywhere in their DEIJ journey, and encourages the participation of companies of all sizes, regardless of budget or resources. Learn more about the program at

Esdec Solar Group offers a comprehensive suite of products available through convenient channels and includes the leaders in the global rooftop solar racking field. EcoFasten, IronRidge and PanelClaw comprise the companies serving the US market, while Esdec and BluBase serve the European market.

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