Enphase inks Texas VPP deal with Octopus Energy

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A look inside an Enphase Encharge battery with multiple microinverters inside.

renewable energy retailer octopus energy usa announced a new partnership with enphase energyOctopus Energy customers can now take advantage of lower cost residential energy bills by integrating Enphase home solar and battery solutions into their energy plans. As part of the deal, Octopus Energy will flexibly control customers’ batteries to reduce usage when the grid is most constrained, helping customers save hundreds of dollars each year.

Using Kraken Flex, Octopus Energy’s proprietary software platform for managing, controlling and optimizing distributed energy resources (DER), Octopus Energy will create a virtual power plant with Enphase home battery systems. and will bid on these DERs at the Electric Reliability Council. Ancillary market in Texas (ERCOT), a first for these assets. Octopus Energy can optimize how customers’ batteries interact with the power grid. intelligent octopuswith its Smart Device Retail Energy Plan, gives customers access to the lowest retail rates.

As Octopus Energy expands its retail energy presence to states outside of Texas, it hopes to take advantage of this partnership to lower costs for customers and promote a cleaner grid.

“Our partnership with Enphase Energy is a very important step in accelerating the transition to renewable energy across the United States. has the unique ability to customize electricity tariffs for its customers, this is an opportunity to integrate the value of perfect demand response into its retail products to create the lowest tariffs for its customers.CEO of Octopus Energy US, Michael Lee said, “We are working with Enphase Energy to grow a range of low-cost, innovative tariffs to decarbonize the electricity grid.”

The partnership between Octopus Energy and Enphase comes at a time when policymakers around the world are leveraging emerging technologies to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and remove barriers to clean energy growth. With Enphase Energy, Octopus Energy enables customers to optimize their home energy systems, facilitate ancillary market participation, and enable immediate savings demand response programs.

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