DroneBase inspection software rebrands as Zeitview

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DroneBase has announced that it has been rebranded as: ZeitviewNew funding led by . Valor Equity Partners Supporting the company’s AI-enabled software and global footprint in advanced inspection solutions. The announcement caps off his year of rapid growth in the renewable energy sector. North America Solar Scan (NASS), a set of standardized solar asset ratings to ensure better oversight of U.S. solar power plants. Last year, Zeitview surveyed 43 GW of solar capacity.

As Zeitview, the company will continue to build advanced inspection software that delivers fast and accurate insights, reduces costs for property owners, and improves performance and longevity. The name change accompanies the company’s increasingly diverse range of data capture tools. Zeitview inspection experts use manned aircraft and smartphone technology alongside rotorcraft drones to create relevant and flexible solutions for their clients. An included software platform with deep insights and analytics allows clients to easily view data results anywhere.

“We understand how important time is to our customers. On the one hand, our customers need fast and accurate analysis of the health of their assets. resources,” said Dan Burton, Founder and CEO of Zeitview. “We are increasingly uncertain about which tools to use to get the most accurate data, but we are confident that our AI-enabled software solutions can provide that immediate answer and a long-term home for our customers.” We appreciate that Valor recognizes the power of our comprehensive offerings to help clients build, protect and maintain infrastructure across multiple asset classes and across the globe. They understand innovative energy and infrastructure software and embrace businesses that use technology to solve complex operational problems.”

Valor’s partnership enables Zeitview to continue transforming the aviation inspection industry with new technology and proprietary AI software. His hands-on Valor operational track record in complex software-driven enterprises reinforces Zeitview’s commitment to improving data capture capabilities through automation.

Zeitview means “time view” and better captures the nature of the company’s services and mission of accelerating the transition to renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure. In addition to providing real-time data, Zeitview provides a long-term solution for tracking changes in assets over time. Zeitview remains committed to building a foundation for market leadership in drone services while working on new tools to meet the evolving needs of its customer base. With the launch of NASS last year, its ability to act as a one-stop-shop for asset owners across multiple markets, and its continuously expanding network of pilots around the world, Zeitview pioneers the future of unlimited intelligence gathering. doing.

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