California city to establish residential solar microgrids with Electriq Power batteries

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The City of Santa Barbara, California will use the PowerPod 2 energy storage system to create its own virtual power plant through a residential solar microgrid. electric power.

Santa Barbara County homeowners, regardless of means, have access to Electriq’s smart home energy storage system, which is charged by an attached solar system. The system helps achieve the Santa Barbara Home Power Program’s key goal of offsetting 100% of each home’s electricity consumption, resulting in immediate savings on annual utility bills.

“At Santa Barbara Clean Energy, we seek to improve local resilience by building local energy generation and storage. while providing reassurance against potential grid outages and price increases,” said Alelia Parenteau, deputy Sustainability and Resilience Director for Sustainability and Resilience for the City of Santa Barbara. says.

With the intelligence and networking capabilities built into PowerPod 2, users can avoid peak price spikes and benefit from resilience in the event of public safety outages, as well as local vulnerable electricity. It can support your infrastructure.

Electriq Power CEO Frank Magnotti said: “At Electriq Power, we believe financial constraints should not limit access to clean and reliable energy. It should be available to anyone who sees value in both contributing. We look forward to supporting similar clean energy community access programs in the future.”

Announcement from Electriq Power

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