Belinus solar panels from Belgium are now available to U.S. market

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Belgian solar product manufacturer Bellinas introduces a line of all-black solar panels to the US market.

Belinus has been manufacturing solar panels and energy storage systems for the residential market since 2015 and currently operates in over 10 countries. The company uses his OEM manufacturer and has an annual solar panel manufacturing capacity of 2.25 GW. Belinus offers M7 Ultra Black, M8 IBC, and M8 HJT high-efficiency, ultra-black, glass-to-glass modules.

The main products sold in the US market by the first quarter of entry are: M7 Ultra Black 410-W, perfect for your residential needs. The M7 comes with a full system warranty of 35 years and an efficiency of 21%.

The company will exhibit at the Intersolar North America trade show this month.

Notice from Bellinas

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