America will begin producing silicon solar cells for first time in half a decade

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The US solar industry will soon have access to domestic solar cells. Enel North Americaannounced plans to build a silicon solar cell production facility in the United States through its affiliate, 3Sun USA. The minimum production capacity is expected to be 3 GW.

Credit: Enel

Enrico Viale, Head of Enel North America, said: “With this announcement, it is our intent to strengthen a robust domestic solar supply chain that will accelerate and strengthen America’s transition to clean energy. It supports the local economy and provides stability to the solar industry.”

The proposed facility could expand to 6 GW annually and is expected to create up to 1,500 new direct jobs by 2025. Enel is currently evaluating potential sites for the new plant and plans to start construction in mid-2023. The first cell he should be out of line by the end of 2024.

energy is already 3 days At our solar panel factory in Catania, Italy, we are expanding our annual production capacity to 3 GW. The factory manufactures bifacial solar panels.Enel plans to replicate its Italian facility in the US to produce both sides Heterojunction technology solar cell.

Click here for a list of US solar panel manufacturers.

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