AlphaStruxure to build country’s largest airport terminal rooftop solar array

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Rendering a new project.

AlphaStruxure has announced a contract to design, build and operate an integrated microgrid infrastructure at John F. Kennedy International Airport’s new Terminal 1 (NTO). Microgrids provide NTOs with sustainable, resilient, locally generated, and predictable-cost energy. The electricity generated by the microgrid is enough to power 3,570 average US homes for his one year. The project will feature the largest rooftop solar array in New York City and an airport terminal in the United States, with all available and viable rooftop areas being used for solar power.

NTO — a consortium of labor, operations and financial partners including Ferrovial, Carlyle, JLC Infrastructure, and Ullico — is building a privately funded, world-class, all-terrain international terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport. New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ). The 2.4 million square foot terminal will serve as a global gateway to the New York metropolitan area and is estimated to create more than 10,000 jobs. The first gate he will open in 2026 and will be fully completed by 2030.

Upon completion of the project, NTO will be the New York area’s first resilient airport transit hub capable of functioning independently of the power grid, keeping the airport operational in the event of a power outage at 23 gates and over 177,000 square feet of restaurants. 100% keep. Retail stores, lounges and recreational spaces.

The 11.34 MW microgrid includes 7.66 MW of rooftop solar, 3.68 MW of fuel cells and 2 MW/4 MWh of battery energy storage, using regenerated heat to produce cold water and heat hot water. increase. A microgrid consists of four ‘power islands’, each acting as a local integrated energy system with sources of generation, storage, and a high degree of automation and control. The rooftop solar power system will have more than 13,000 solar panels.

Rendering a new project.

The microgrid will be provided by AlphaStruxure to stakeholders in the new Terminal 1. AlphaStruxure is a joint venture between Carlyle and Schneider Electric, a global investment firm that designs, builds, owns, operates and maintains customized energy infrastructure. As a strategic partner in the project, Carlyle is funding the microgrid and Schneider Electric is providing leading-edge microgrid technology, software and services. This project is delivered through an Energy as a Service (EaaS) contract. This is a long-term contract that guarantees predictable operating costs and guaranteed performance with no upfront investment.

System performance is managed by AlphaStruxure’s Integrate. It is a cyber-secured digital platform that optimizes microgrid operations by compiling and analyzing data across on-site energy infrastructure. Our operators are available 24/7 to anticipate and respond to your system in real-time through our AlphaStruxure Network Operations Center. By deploying an intelligent microgrid, the terminal works to eliminate power interruptions while maximizing distributed energy resources for resilience.

“This new Terminal 1 infrastructure project illuminates a new path towards decarbonizing the air transport sector,” said AlphaStruxure CEO Juan Macias. We are paving the way for all transport hubs and municipalities, not just about resilient energy, but about decarbonization, risk transfer and cost predictability with energy-as-a-service business models.”

AlphaStruxure’s microgrid solutions are designed to meet the ambitious New York State, New York City and PANYNJ sustainability mandates to generate 70% of electricity generation from renewable sources by 2030. Contribute to the New York State Climate Leadership and Communities Protection Act (CLCPA) that requires it. 2040.

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