Lion Energy releases new residential, C&I energy storage systems

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Lion Energy Announces Launch LionESS.. LionESS technology allows customers to store almost any type of renewable energy generated (solar, wind, hydraulic, heat) and non-renewable power sources (utility grids and generators). The result is an inventory of stored energy from a variety of sources that can be managed and maximized for the most economical and environmentally friendly usage possible.

LionESS technology elements are essential to the design, creation, deployment, and support of Lion Energy products. All of these are designed and designed in the United States, from small handheld power devices and portable solar generators to custom home, business and industrial solutions. These technologies include energy management system (EMS) software for monitoring the entire energy storage and use process, firmware, infrastructure, and batteries for efficient use and protection of high quality lithium iron phosphate. Includes management system (BMS) software and infrastructure. Batteries—the safest, longest-lasting, most reliable, and environmentally friendly batteries available today—act as core energy storage. The Lion app communicates with Lion ESS to provide data and control at the user’s fingertips. This allows anyone to easily control, store and use energy efficiently, even if they are not tech-savvy.

With LionESS, customers can develop cutting-edge approaches to energy use, including peak energy shaving, energy shift usage time, energy backup power, energy arbitrage capabilities, and critical start.

LionESS offers two home and custom business and industrial solutions.

  • Lion sanctuary: Lion Sanctuary is a powerful solar inverter and energy storage system that uses energy from a variety of sources to power homes, cabins, houseboats and light offices and can be used as an energy backup. The system features an efficient 8k hybrid inverter / charger with a powerful lithium iron phosphate 13.5 kWh battery and is expandable.
  • Lion POWER save: Available in a range of different sizes, Lion POWERsave offers a flexible modular solution that can be customized to meet larger specific energy storage needs. Lion POWERsave can be used indoors and outdoors, with power and capacity ranging from 30 kW / 50kWh to 1.5MW / 2.2MWh. Custom POWERsave solutions can be used in a variety of environments and industries, including utilities, police, military, hospitals, airports, schools, railroads, and data centers.

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