Solar Landscape installs 1.75-MW rooftop community solar project in New Jersey

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Construction completed on a 1.75MW rooftop community solar project that will power approximately 300 homes in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Credits: Sunscape

The Piscataway Community Solar Facility is one of Solar Landscape’s 54 community solar projects in New Jersey. Established, owned and operated by. sun landscapeThe Middlesex County renewable energy project is part of a 9.7MW portfolio of 11 community solar projects sponsored by The Sadler Companies and GTJ REIT that will soon power more than 1,500 homes in New Jersey. It will supply most of it to low- to middle-income earners. (LMI) Household.

The Piscataway project was approved by the New Jersey Public Works Commission in October 2021, and neighborhood residents can register now to receive energy discounts through the end of 2023.

“Community solar is a proven and efficient way to advance the transition to clean energy,” said Shaun Keegan, CEO and co-founder of Solar Landscape. “New Jersey creates a model for community solar power that demonstrates how valuable commercial rooftops can be as we move away from fossil fuels and toward a more sustainable future free of valuable vacant land. By installing community solar projects in warehouses and large commercial buildings, we generate electricity closer to where it is used, reducing the strain on local grids and the need for additional transmission lines. mitigate.”

Near Edison, Solar Landscapes has partnered with Edison Job Corp to introduce students to solar installation jobs.

“For nearly 60 years, Job Corps has helped underserved people with career preparation, career development and career transitions,” said Tony Steinings, Business Community Liaison for Edison Job Corps. rice field. “I am thrilled that one of our students found a job with his Solar Landscape and worked on this installation. His story and projects like this one in Piscataway are a testament to his clean energy sector. It underscores the urgent need to create career paths in

Community Solar allows residents to contract solar installations located on nearby commercial properties. Residents receive credits for the electricity generated, and savings are made for low- to middle-income households. Part of Governor Phil Murphy’s Clean Energy Policy, the NJBPU’s Community Solar Energy Pilot Program will provide renewable energy for people who were previously unable to install solar panels for reasons such as high cost, lack of roof control, or shaded sites. Expand access to energy.

“Community Solar is leveraging a historic opportunity to make the transition to a clean energy future fair, affordable and accessible. It’s a win-win project to expand access to low-cost clean energy and related benefits for low-income households who are too often on the front lines to face the impacts,” said Allison, Senior Policy Officer. Mr McLeod said. Director of the League of Conservation Voters of the New Jersey League of Conservation.

Through the first two years of the New Jersey Community Solar Program, 70 MW of solar energy is being built or under construction in Solar Landscape. The company currently owns and operates nine community solar projects, approximately half of all active community solar projects in New Jersey, making it the nation’s largest clean energy portfolio serving LMI homes.

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