Renewable Properties completes first 10.6 MW of large New York community solar portfolio

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Renewable Properties announced that two of its first community solar projects in New York, part of a 70 MW planned portfolio, came online in June and July of this year.

The first completed projects include the 5.7 MW Bullis Road Solar project in Marilla and the 4.9 MW Rock Island Road Solar project in Gouverneur. Two additional community solar projects in Rockport, Slayton Settlement Solar A & B, are expected to begin construction by the end of Q3 2022.

Renewable Properties makes it a priority to work closely with the communities in which its projects are located. Both the Bullis Rd and Slayton Settlement sites will be planted with a pollinating grass mixture that will be flowered by bees, birds and other wildlife. This mix not only enhances the habitat of the bees living at the Slayton Settlement Project site, but also helps improve the nutritional grazing value of the sheep.

Aaron Halimi, Founder and President of Renewable Properties, said: “These solar projects not only benefit landowners through lease payments, but also provide tax, employment and other economic benefits to the surrounding communities.”

Project owner Renewable Properties partnered with Borrego to build the Rock Island project and United Renewable Energy (URE) to build the Bullis Road and Slayton Settlement projects.

Another 9.3 MW community solar project in Batavia and Minoan villages will receive notice to proceed by the end of Q4 2022. East Syracuse, New York area.

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