Renewable America develops 15 MW of solar + storage projects for California municipal utilities

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renewable americaA distributed energy company will provide four Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) in California with over 15 MW of solar power combined with 8 MWh of energy storage. Through these five projects in total, CCA is progressing toward its state-mandated Resource Adequacy (RA) goals. This requires upgrades such as solar projects to increase grid stability.

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All five projects are now fully booked and are expected to complete construction by the third quarter of 2023 or the first quarter of 2024. Once operational, these projects will provide locally produced clean energy to his 3,300 homes in Northern California.

“We are excited to work with Renewable America to fulfill RA’s obligations as a ‘load serving entity.’ This community-scale project could take years to develop. Unlike a large utility-scale project, it is expected to be completed within two years,” said Matthew Marshall, executive director of the Redwood Coast Energy Authority. “We are pleased to work with Renewable America to accelerate our goal of locally sourced and distributed energy resources. Renewable America is a key partner in increasing community access to clean and resilient energy sources.”

Since the California energy crisis of 2001, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has required all load servicing entities, including CCA, to allocate sufficient resource capacity to their loads to ensure energy resilience. I have requested that. Each year, CAISO (California Independent Service Operator) opens a new window for submissions for cluster investigations that are performed to ensure that system reliability and no adverse effects standards are met. In March 2021, there will be an unprecedented triple number of applications, and it has the nickname of “super cluster”. However, as a result of the overwhelming response, his completion of the study has been delayed by more than two years, and CAISO is still in the process of completing it.

Renewable America manages all of these five new solar and energy storage projects in-house, including new project site discovery, interconnections, engineering, permits and PPAs. Two of the projects are located in disadvantaged communities and ensure equitable access to clean energy. These projects preserve agricultural land use and create pollinator-friendly habitats within a five-mile radius of the site.

Ardi Arian, CEO of Renewable America, said: “In addition to the power outage challenge, CCA faces unprecedented challenges with RA. We are happy to provide a solution in a short time.”

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