Polar Racking supplies mounts for 6.6-MW Maine community solar portfolio

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Ugea US solar development company won an award polar rackinga North American supplier and manufacturer of solar mounting solutions, with three fixed-tilt ground-mounted community solar projects totaling 6.6 MW.DC.

Polar Racking provides engineering design services, all-weather CORE fixed slope ground installation and foundations for Norwegian (1.1 MW), Qualey (2.7 MW) and Broadway (2.8 MW) solar projects in Maine. A solar project in Norway is nearing completion of construction, and his two remaining projects are expected to begin construction in the summer of 2023.

Vishal Lala, Managing Director of Polar Racking, said: “We are pleased to continue to meet the high standards of leading solar developers with our robust products and high level of customer service. Polar Racking improves the speed and ease of assembly in winter conditions. We continue to innovate our products for the sake of our customers, and we are confident that CORE will continue to set itself apart from other fixed-tilt ground-mounted solar rack products.”

Different site conditions in the portfolio required different types of foundations, including ground screw foundations and Polar Racking’s field-poured ballast tubs in landfills. The foundation testing and design was done by PRI Engineering, a geotechnical engineering consultancy that specializes in solar foundation design.

Polar Racking’s solar rack solution was for performance evaluation in the high winds and heavy snow that are common in the Northeast. The portfolio is located in Maine where snow depth is unusually high at 80-90 psf. CORE Solar Racking is installed in the Canadian Arctic and in hurricane prone areas such as the East Coast and the Caribbean.

Kristin Lundquist, project director at UGE, said: “We trust Polar Racking to provide the durable and reliable products we need to build projects that will last for decades.”

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