Pivot Energy covers Colorado commercial property’s electricity with community solar

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pivot energy has arranged a 1.45 MW community solar subscription with Continuum Partners, a Denver, Colorado-based real estate developer. The subscription offsets 110% of the electricity used in one of Continuum’s mixed-use commercial properties, reducing energy costs for the building’s eight tenants.

Continuum CEO Mark Falcone said: “When we learned that Pivot was a certified B-Corporation with ESG goals, we found it to be the perfect like-minded partner to support our environmental goals while helping deliver value to our tenants. I have found something.”

Since its inception 25 years ago, Continuum has explored green building development strategies. In 2004, it made national headlines with the development of Belmar, a complex incorporating recycled building materials, on-site wind energy and a 1.7 MW solar system. US West Rooftop Array during construction.

Matthew Bren, Director of Business Development at Pivot, said: “Continuum is setting a new bar in the real estate industry with subscriptions, and we hope other developers will try.”

A community solar subscription provides commercial tenants with approximately $390,000 in lifetime savings. It is a property with a hotel, offices, shops and an underground parking lot.

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