GreenSpark Solar building 26-MW New York community solar portfolio

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green spark solar and CVENorth America has broken ground on a portfolio of five community solar projects totaling over 26MW in New York State. Headquartered in New York City and a subsidiary of the French-based CVE Group, CVE focuses on the development, construction and operation of community solar power plants across the United States. GreenSpark has designed, engineered and built over 200 MW of renewable energy projects.

This 26 MW portfolio includes three projects in Manlius, one in Wheatfield and one in Ransomville. CVE owns and operates the project, while GreenSpark undertakes major engineering, procurement and construction services. These projects are part of CVE’s broader portfolio of 13 projects totaling 73 MW currently under construction in New York State.

“This partnership with GreenSpark brings together the solar expertise of both companies to provide cutting-edge community solar power with locally produced, renewable energy,” said Ben Deleum, technical director at CVE. We will design and build the project.” “CVE has partnered with GreenSpark in line with our core mission and values ​​as a Certified B Corporation to contribute to a more equitable energy transition by expanding access to affordable clean energy for New Yorkers. We are excited to work together.”

Construction began on the Wheatfield and Ransomville projects earlier this year, with three Manlius projects breaking ground this month. As part of New York’s Distributed Energy Resource Value (VDER) program, all five projects will become community solar installations, NYSERDA’s NY projects aimed at making solar energy more accessible to homes, businesses and communities. -Will receive funding from the Sun program.

When completed, the project will bring electricity bill savings to more than 4,600 low- to middle-income residents and generate 37,000 MWh of clean electricity annually. Not only will the project deliver clean energy to the community where it will be built, it will also provide local employment opportunities and environmental benefits during construction and operation. An estimated $48,200 will be donated to local environmental nonprofits as part of CVE’s green initiative.

“With 21 years of history here in New York, we are always looking for new partners like CVE who are willing to invest in our community in West New York,” said Kevin Schulte, CEO of GreenSpark. says. “Our experience helps ensure that these projects will produce clean electricity over the long term, while ensuring that CVEs are good neighbors to the communities we work with.”

The projects are expected to be fully operational by early 2024 and are part of New York State’s climate change efforts.

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