Genie Solar Energy constructing 4-MW New York community PV array

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genie solar energyis a commercial and community solar project developer that has begun construction of a 4 MW community solar array in Perry, NY.

Credit: Genie Solar Energy

Genie Solar Leadership and Local Perry, NY Landowners Celebrate Community Solar Project Groundbreaking Ceremony

Genie CEO Michael Stein said: “We are grateful to the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency board and staff for their leadership and to Perry and his community for their support throughout the planning process.”

The Perry Project will consist of approximately 9,000 solar panels. With annual production he is projected to exceed 5,000 MWh, generating enough electricity to power more than 440 homes.

Genie Solar plans to complete construction of the Perry Solar Array later this year. In order to facilitate the connection of the project with the local grid, Genie Solar will cover the cost of grid interconnect upgrades required for the project. That work must be done by a local utility, National Grid. Timing is determined by your ability to schedule and complete that work.

New York State’s Community Solar Program will allow homes and businesses across the state to access the environmental and economic benefits of solar power without having to install panels on their property. Instead, solar project developers build and interconnect solar arrays to the grid while enrolling local subscribers.

Once the project begins generating electricity, subscribers can receive discounts on electricity bills by agreeing to receive power from local renewable sources.

“New York’s community solar program is leading the way in bringing the benefits of clean, affordable solar energy to residents and businesses statewide,” said Nathan Knapke, director of community solar at Genie Solar Energy. says. “The Perry Project will not only lower the cost of electricity for hundreds of local subscribers, but will also provide a high degree of convenience in Perry and the surrounding area for critical work during the construction of the project, such as land preparation, panels, etc. We also plan to utilize skilled local personnel for installation and electrical work.”

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