Erthos flat solar ground-mounts under contract for 14 MW of projects

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EltosA solar installation company that specializes in fixing panels flat to the ground, has contracted a 14 MW PV project and is in negotiations for an additional 107 MWDC projects.Community Solar Developer Based in Maryland shabberton energy One of five contractors working with Erthos.

Earth Mount Solar PV by Erthos.

“Erthos technology allows us to build projects in specific locations where there are challenges with regards to land availability and visibility. We look forward to the opportunity to expand to other locations,” said Stefano Ratti, CEO of Chaberton Energy.

Erthos and Chaberton Energy have signed two contracts for projects in the Mid-Atlantic. path company agreed to use Erthos’ Earth Mount Solar PV for a community college project in its home state of Mississippi.

Path Company co-founder Russ Phillips said: “I know our project is well managed.”

Contracted projects bring Earth Mount Solar PV’s installed base to 17 MWdc.

Notice from Eltos

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