Castillo Engineering will help design 75-MW community solar portfolio in New York

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Castillo Engineering today announced that it has been selected by Solar Generation to provide electrical design and engineering for its 75 MW portfolio of 11 community solar projects in New York City. Castillo Engineering’s site optimization expertise has resulted in significant cost savings on each of these projects. All of these projects use fixed tilt mounting technology and bifacial solar modules. Most of the project is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in 2022-2023.

One of 11 community solar projects in New York where Castillo Engineering partnered with Solar Generation to provide engineering and site optimization expertise.

Zachary Schrowang, Chief Operating Officer of Solar Generation, said: “Many of these projects faced difficult terrain to develop, but Castillo Engineering was very flexible and worked closely with us to ensure all deadlines were met. They are a very supportive partner and can easily and cost-effectively handle projects where equipment has already been procured.”

“Solar Generation is a leader in community solar projects in New York City and we are proud to have been selected by Solar Generation to leverage our design and engineering expertise to bring more affordable and clean energy to our communities. We are pleased to announce that,” said Christopher Castillo, CEO of Castillo Engineering. “Given our extensive experience in the state over 25 years and the fact that we manage all of our design and engineering in-house, we are able to work efficiently to deliver maximum performance on each of these challenging terrains. We were able to guarantee cost savings and timely completion of the project.

Solar Generation has selected Castillo Engineering not only to partner on a 75 MW portfolio of community solar projects in New York, but also to provide support for over 10 MW community solar projects in Illinois.

Announcement from Castillo Engineering

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