X-ELIO breaks ground on its first U.S. storage project

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On April 26, X-ELIO broke ground for the 72MW Liberty Solar Power Plant and 60MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects in both Liberty and Harris Counties, Texas.

X-ELIO’s Liberty 1 solar farm is expected to be operational by early 2024 and will generate 137 GWh of clean energy annually and create over 125 construction jobs. Chemical maker BASF signs his PPA for 12 years with X-ELIO, Purchase 48 MW of solar power from this installation.

The BESS project, which is co-located with a solar power plant, is the company’s largest industrial battery project to date and the first project in the United States to provide a reliable, on-site storage of renewable energy. It provides a cost-effective means. X-ELIO will invest a total of $136.7 million in the integrated project.

The event was attended by Kerri Neary, X-ELIO’s US Country Manager. Lisa Lin, Director of Sustainability for the Harris County Office. Brad Morrison, Senior Vice President and Site Manager at his BASF site in Freeport. and community representatives.

During the event, the company also announced three local X-ELIO community plan program initiatives. Recipients of funds include: The DWelling, a local wellness and community building organization, to set up a community garden. Liberty River Trade Food Bank will build a drainage system for an industrial-scale food distribution facility in the area. Marketing and content projects with Meals On Wheels drive organizational outreach, raise awareness, and engage volunteers. This is because of its focus on caring for individuals who have reduced mobility that makes it difficult for them to shop for food, prepare meals, or interact with others. The company also announced ongoing conversations and initiatives with three other associations in the Harris County area that will soon be closed and celebrated.

Harris County Director of Sustainability, Lisa Lynn, said: “This reflects the renewable energy initiatives Harris County is considering, and we hope to learn from their leadership. These projects are green, create jobs, and boost the local economy. to activate.”

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