Storage and power electronic highlights from Intersolar 2023

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Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America 2022 dusted off a two-year hiatus of in-person solar trade shows. By Wednesday afternoon last year, the show floor had quieted down, but in 2023, attendance increased. Intersolar is press release It reported a record-breaking 6,000 registrants and 350 exhibitors on Tuesday, the first day of this year’s show.

But it’s more than a fair. One of his main attractions at Intersolar has become the annual Solar Games. In this game, teams of contractors compete to install housing projects on mock pitch roofs. With a meeting with the manufacturer at the booth as the background, classic rock music and commentary resound from the back of the room.

At these booth meetings, manufacturers expressed that they feel underpinned by the incentives contained in the recently passed anti-inflation law. Many companies have plans to expand their existing domestic presence or move operations into the state. For certain hardware like solar trackers, the path to truly domestic component manufacturing is narrowing, while others like solar panels, which use raw materials not produced here, have a longer way to go. is.

Nevertheless, interest in all solar hardware is at an all-time high. Here are some of the things we saw at his Intersolar this year.

Briggs & Stratton’s SimpliPhi Integrated System

Simplifyis a longtime manufacturer of inverters and energy storage technology and was acquired last year by power equipment maker Briggs & Stratton. Under the new brand, B&G has introduced his SimpliPhi storage solution, which employs a lithium iron phosphate chemistry. These battery units are expandable. This means it can be connected continuously to meet increasing backup power demands. At the show, the battery was paired with his SimpliPhi’s SPHI-IN-6, 6 kW hybrid inverter. All B&G SimpliPhi products come with his 10-year warranty.

A rectangular metal box with a door houses an inverter connected to multiple batteries.

SimpliPhi integrated system from Briggs & Stratton.

Transbolt’s G2

Solar panels continue to grow and will continue to do so. This presents the challenge of creating complementary technologies such as mounts and power electronics to properly mount these large modules.For installers working in residential spaces, that also means figuring out how to safely transport these giant panes of glass to the roof. G2A remote-controlled lift that climbs ladders and lifts components such as solar panels to the roof. Click that tweet to see how it works.

Mango Power Scalable Storage Unit

Many companies have humble origin stories. mango powerwill launch in 2021 on crowdfunding website IndieGogo, raising over $900,000 in a campaign to produce its first 6.9 kWh product, the Mango Power Union. What makes the Union unique is that it can be used for home backup or the battery module can be lifted out of the unit for outdoor use. Another battery can be mounted on top of the union and can be combined and scaled up with different units. Mango Power also produces 20 kWh batteries and hybrid inverters to provide larger standalone home backups and his EV charging.

An electric car charger cable connects to a home energy storage unit.

Mango Power M Power Hybrid Inverter and Storage.

MLPE clip of S-5!

S-5! is known for manufacturing metal roof attachments for use inside and outside the solar industry. From these existing metal rooftop mounts, the company builds accessories that complement entire array installations, the latest being a clip for module-level power electronics (MLPE). The installer simply attaches it to the MPLE unit and manually presses it onto the module frame to secure it.

Yellow clips with jagged edges, business cards, and module-level power electronics units attached to solar panel frames rest on a black tablecloth.

S-5! Module level power electronics clip.

Panduit Cable Cleats

Utility-scale solar projects are growing in scale, and the array-level cabling required to route massive amounts of power is also significant. Coping with high volume electrical production means proper and safe cable management.With these two considerations in mind, Panduit cable cleat, a cable management solution commonly used in the oil and gas industry to protect against short circuits. Polymer cable cleats are produced domestically and are not currently a common solution in the solar industry, but Panduit expects them to become popular in the near future.

Black cable management straps wrap around multiple copper cables.

Panduit Cable Cleats

The next Intersolar NA will take place January 17-19, 2024 in San Diego.

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