Solar + storage microgrid will support rice processing facility in Arkansas

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farmers cooperative Producer Rice mill It will soon host a solar + storage microgrid developed by Scenic Hill Solar and built by CS Energy and KORE Power at its processing facility in Stuttgart. This project is the largest commercial solar project in Arkansas.

Since 1943, members of the Producers Rice Mill Cooperative, which now includes more than 2,000 U.S. farmers, have used the Producers facility in Stuttgart, Arkansas to process, store, and distribute their crops around the world. I have shipped. The facility mills more than 40 million bushels of rice each year.

“Microgrids are projected to save millions of dollars in electricity bills over the next 30 years, and these savings will be passed on to over 2,000 hardworking farmers,” said Keith Glover, CEO of Producers Rice Mill. “In addition, our solar power plants, storage batteries and microgrids enable producers to power the grid when it is stressed, allowing other utilities to customers will benefit greatly.”

20MWAlternating current Designed and installed by CS Energy, the solar array will be supported by a 41.2 MWh lithium-ion energy storage facility from KORE Power. The installation will increase the use of renewable energy at the facility, supplying 67% of the facility’s energy needs.

The project is being developed and built under the direction of Scenic Hill Solar.

“Arkansas is one of the top rice producers in the nation, producing about half of the nation’s total crop. Producers Rice Mill serves more than 2,000 farmers in Arkansas, Mississippi, It’s a true farmer’s cooperative that delivers services,” said Scenic Hill. CEO Bill Halter. “This project will use clean, renewable electricity generated on-site and available on demand to provide producers with the power they need to ensure that these farm products can reach customers around the world. provide to.”

Providing engineering, procurement, construction and operational support for solar and energy storage projects nationwide, CS Energy builds solar arrays and associated electrical infrastructure.

Jesse Lieberman, director of operations at CS Energy, said the Producers Rice Mill project stands out because its impact is being felt around the world. “By designing and building solar and energy storage systems that ensure more reliable power, we have solved our customers’ challenges and enabled our growers to process our members’ harvests cleanly and reliably.” Lieberman said. “This is good news for farmers here in the U.S. and good news for consumers around the world.”

Gregg Noble, vice president of sales and development for KORE’s Solutions Division, said the KORE team used KORE’s Mark 1 Lithium-Ion batteries and US-made EPC inverters at the KORE Solutions facility in Waterbury, Vermont. It said it would install a built energy storage system and a micro-grid controller. .

“With the recently passed federal legislation supporting microgrid development, we are pleased to be working with Scenic Hill and CS Power to bring this project to life,” said Noble. “This is a great example of a microgrid system helping industrial producers overcome their power challenges.”

According to Noble, the KORE Solutions team monitors system operation from a network operations center in Vermont, dispatches crews annually to support the microgrid, and maintains controllers with producers to best support the needs of the facility. Helps optimize the behavior of the in the long term.

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